CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance and CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) 

This unique program is designed to enable specially talented students between 12 & 15 years to receive intensive daily classical ballet training and other associated dance styles, up to 16 hours per week whilst continuing academic studies in a Secondary school environment. Students make arrangements with their current Secondary Schools in order to attend the daily afternoon class timetable. Alternatively, students may continue their Secondary School Studies through Distance Education. 

The CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance and CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) incorporates two to four hours dance training daily. In addition to daily classical classes, the students attend classes in Pilates based floor limber work, Character, Contemporary, Pointework, Jazz, Repertoire and Partnering.

Performing opportunities include the students participation in a full scale production and a dance display every year.

The Half-Day program is an ideal stepping stone from part-time training to full-time training. The gradual increase in training hours allows careful physical and mental development during the adolescent years, ideally preparing the students for the rigours of full-time training CUA60113 Advanced Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance).

Units of Competency - CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance

CUADAN408 - Develop expertise in ballet technique
CUACHR403 - Develop choreography skills
CUADAN303 - Develop dance partnering techniques
CUADAN403 - Develop expertise in jazz dance technique
CUADAN409 - Develop expertise in contemporary dance technique
CUADAN411 - Develop expertise in cultural dance technique
CUAPRF404 - Refine movement skills for performance
CUAPRF405 - Rehearse technique for performance
CUADAN407 - Develop expertise in dance performance skills
CUVPRP404A - Develop self as an artist
CUAACT401 - Use a range of acting techniques in performance
CUAPRF402 - Develop conceptual and expressive skills as a performer
CUAPRF406 - Use technique in performance
CUAWHS401 - Apply movement and behavioural principles to physical conditioning

UNITS OF COMPETENCY - CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance)

CUADAN501 - Refine ballet technique
CUADAN507 - Refine dance partnering techniques
CUADAN509 - Refine pointe work techniques
CUADAN504 - Perform ballet solo variations
CUADTM401 - Plan and organsie dance classes
CUADTM403 - Apply safe dance teaching methods
CUADAN505 - Refine contemporary dance technique
CUADAN508 - Develop expertise in allied contemporary dance technique
CUADAN506 - Refine cultural dance techniques
CUAPRF501 - Refine performance techniques
CUAPRF503 - Prepare for performances in a competitive environment
CUAMUP501 - Apply theatrical make-up and hairstyles
CUADAN503 - Perform repertoire for corps de ballet
CUADAN502 - Refine ballet performance skills
CUAWHS403 - Incorporate anatomy and nutrition principles into skill development
CUAWHS501 - Maintain a high level of fitness for performance
CUVPRP502A - Prepare for sustainable professional practice

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